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Whoever observes wild birds in the wild quickly notices that the feathered friends are anything but boring fellows. The same applies to our birds at home. Therefore I offer the animals in the holiday aviary a species-appropriate and varied facility.

The following bird species can be cared for in the aviary: Budgies, cockatiels, canaries, agaponids (lovebirds), amadines.

I can only offer parrot care for green parrots, amazons, gray parrots, cockatoos, etc. in their own cage. Out of acoustic consideration for the other boarders, the above mentioned birds will be housed in an extra room in the boarding house for the duration of their stay. Unfortunately, I cannot offer free flight in this room for safety reasons.

Birds, no matter what species, are extremely sociable animals and should therefore never be kept alone. The animals are exclusively cared for as members of the family and are not kept together with other conspecifics.

The aviary has the following dimensions: W 210 cm x D 105 cm x H 200 cm and offers space for up to 6 birds.

The usual grain food, as well as cob millet and treats of the birds should be brought.

  3-16 days 17-31 days
1-2 Birds 10,00 Euro per day 9,00 Euro per day
3-4 Birds 14,00 Euro per day 13,00 Euro per day
5-6 Birds 17,00 Euro per day 16,00 Euro per day


The offer includes the following services: Litter, feeding bowls, water bowls, grit, fruit and vegetables, providing the equipment of the aviary, final cleaning aviary.

Prices incl. 19% VAT



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