We want to talk to each other and not about each other:

Should any problems arise after your four-legged friend's holiday, please let me know immediately. This is the only way I can use your as well as my experience for the benefit of all animals. I always have an open ear for your praise, but also for your criticism.


I will be happy to give you a personal tour of my animal boarding house, if the information presented here on my website is not yet sufficient for you to decide to accommodate their pets with me. As a contribution towards expenses I charge 20 Euro for the visit, which will of course be credited in case of a booking of a boarding place. For a personal visit you can make an appointment with me by phone or E-Mail. For dog clients, viewing appointments are mandatory!

Please try to be reasonably punctual for your appointments (visit, pick-up and drop-off). It is often impossible to take into account the traffic conditions, but normally you should be able to arrive within +/- 10 minutes of your appointment time.

Please keep in mind: You are certainly not the only visitor that day and if the agreed appointments are delayed due to unpunctuality or if someone arrives much too early, this will disrupt my entire daily routine and the rest of my schedule. In the worst case, visitors are then suddenly at the same time with your animals in front of the door and must wait outside.

I may also have another appointment away from home, and then I can't wait for you any longer. Thus you stand then before closed door. If you can foresee that you will not be able to make it to the agreed appointment, please call in time and we will arrange a new appointment.

The boarding places during the school vacations are all in high demand and are therefore booked up very quickly. I therefore generally recommend a lead time of at least 12 months for dogs and cats during the vacation periods, and a lead time of at least 3-4 months for rodents, ferrets and birds. Outside the vacation periods, much shorter lead times are to be expected.

It is therefore best to enquire as early as possible.

Days that have been broken are always charged in full (see also GTC).

I remain there for you even in this time of crisis. If you are under coronavirus quarantine, I offer a pick-up and drop-off service for your pet for a fee by appointment.

I also care for animals with illnesses, restrictions or old age, but only by prior arrangement. If your pet is ill in any way, needs special food or medication, please let me know directly at the first contact. Otherwise the boarding house reserves the right to refuse admission and care. The pet owner is responsible for the full amount of any costs incurred by the boarding house. In addition, the boarding house will not cover any costs incurred by the pet owner due to the refusal of care.

Cats with contagious diseases such as FIP, FIV, feline epidemic, feline rhinitis or leucosis cannot be cared for.

Dogs with contagious diseases such as otitis, parvovirosis, herpes or kennel cough cannot be cared for. Dogs suffering from diarrhea and or vomiting also cannot be cared for.

Animals with contagious diseases such as fleas, giardia or fungal infections are generally excluded from care.

The diabetic cat: Nowadays, unfortunately, many cats suffer from diabetes.As a veterinary assistant, I am happy to take over the insulin injections as well as the measurement of your pet's blood sugar level.

The following additional costs apply for this special medical service:
Expense allowance per 30 minutes or part thereof: 13 Euros in the period Mon-Fri 08.00 am - 05.59 pm.
Compensation for expenses per 30 minutes or part thereof: 26 Euros in the period Fri 06:00 pm - Mon 07.59 am and all day on public holidays.

There are different character traits in cats. Cats that like to cuddle and run towards me. Cats that wait in their place, as well as cats that want to be left alone and do not seek contact.

Every cat - every animal is different in its behaviour. I accept this, but I always try to approach shy or fearful animals. The cats are cared for and played with at least twice a day. Usually, however, more often when there are appointments for viewings or when I have trainees in the boarding house.

In general, the first days in the cat boarding facility mean stress for your cat. Your cat may react sensitively to leaving familiar surroundings, possibly changed feeding times, a strange caregiver, different noises and unfamiliar accommodation in the boarding house. Especially when your cat is my guest for the first time. Everything is simply new. Just like when you moved into your home. Especially sensitive, old and sick cats usually withdraw and observe. Some also react aggressively. Others hardly eat or nothing at all for the first few days.

From day 2-4 on, most of them feel safe and very comfortable. All this can happen, but does not have to. There are always exceptions.

Cats that are almost exclusively outside cope well with the situation that they cannot go outside for a while. Cats are so adaptable and clever that they immediately come to terms with the conditions here. The situation here is comparable to moving house. When you move into a new flat, the cat is not allowed to go outside for 2-3 months and it accepts it because it has never gone outside before. In the old flat she would have protested if she suddenly wasn't allowed out. And here it's the same, here she doesn't know that - and if so, where - she could go outside and just accepts it.

Every cat reacts differently. At first, they may be a little strange or sulky, but this behaviour usually disappears after a short time (1-2 days).

Most cats, however, are happy when they see their owner-wife-family again and can cuddle with you at home on the couch or in bed.

For safety reasons, all dogs remain on a leash when being walked. In my fenced and escape-proof garden, however, the dogs can enjoy their free run.

NO. No dog is outside without supervision. To minimise the risk of injury, and in the best case to avoid it completely, there is permanent supervision.

The number of dogs that I look after together in the boarding kennel is limited to 2 dogs including my own dog Brix.

NO! There are no kennels in my small family dog boarding. Your dog spends his time just like at your home, only with other dog friends.

Is your pet fed or does it get special pre-cooked food? Please bring the meals in freezer bags in individual portions. There is no extra charge for refrigerating or freezing portions for the duration of the stay.

Of course, this has always been my spontaneous answer in recent years. But unfortunately I have to say that in recent years the number of daily phone calls and SMS, WhatsApp and email requests has literally exploded! Please do not forget that your numerous messages asking for news take away a lot of time and energy that would normally be due to your animal.

Therefore, I would ask you to limit yourself to about 1-2 enquiries in the entire care period. With so many animals in my care all the time, it is simply not possible for me to respond to every pet owner's enquiry about their pet every few days or even every day, either in writing or by telephone.

Dates dogs: Out of consideration for the dogs, only a maximum of 2 people are allowed into the boarding house together, whether to bring, pick up or visit. Children or young people over the age of 14 are allowed. Unfortunately, there have been several negative examples with younger children in the past, which made this measure necessary. I often have very large dogs here or even dogs that do not know any children at all and are therefore afraid of them.

Appointments for cats, birds and rodents: Up to 3 people are welcome to come along to all appointments concerning cats, birds and rodents. Please understand that a too turbulent and noisy event can not only irritate your animal, but also other boarding house guests.

For interested children from the age of 6 and young people, you will find a good alternative to get involved in the everyday life of the Happy Feet animal boarding house under the heading: Internship for young and old as an animal keeper in the Happy Feet animal boarding house.

Dogs - female: no
Dogs - male: yes
Cats - female: yes
Cats - male: yes
Rodents: yes
Marks your tomcat, cat, male dog you will have to pay an additional cleaning fee starting from 30 euros per day. As dogs are housed in the flat, the prices can vary upwards - depending on what has been marked.

No. Because this is my private living area.

No. I live on site. Therefore, it is also possible for me to look after the animals during the day and at night (if necessary).

No. The length of stay is based on the individual needs of the pet owners.



Our opening hours

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Bring the animals: 09:00 to 10:00 am

Pick up the animals: 04:00 to 05:00 pm
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Pick up the animals: 09:00 to 10:00 am
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