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White mice are already known from ancient Crete and Egypt. There they were considered sacred animals and lucky charms. Meanwhile there are more than 20 different colour variations, as well as different fur characteristics. No matter if Rex, curls, spines or longhair fur, mice are more and more appreciated as pets.

Mice are extremely sociable animals and should therefore never be kept alone. It is recommended to keep a same-sex group of 4 or more animals. The animals are exclusively cared for as members of the family and are not kept together with other conspecifics.

Mice, like rats, are omnivores, which need vegetable and protein food. A varied mouse food, which I feed in my boarding house, is a mixture of:
grains and seeds, fruits and vegetables, dry dog food, twigs, branches, herbs and leaves.

The mouse enclosure has the following dimensions: 100 cm x 80 cm x 80 and offers space for up to 6 mice.

  3-16 days 17-31 days
1-2 mice 5,00 Euro per day 4,00 Euro per day
3-4 mice 7,00 Euro per day 6,00 Euro per day
5-6 mice 8,50 Euro per day 7,50 Euro per day


The offer includes the following services: Bedding, hay, straw, fodder, water bottles, feeding bowls, provision of the equipment of the holiday accommodation, final cleaning of the holiday accommodation.

Prices incl. 19% VAT



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