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New customers who are looking for care for your dog in the vacation periods of Baden-W├╝rttemberg, I can unfortunately no longer accept, otherwise my old customers have no chance of a place in the meantime.

Since I had to let go my two own dogs in January and November 2017 after 16 and 12 years due to illness, I had decided not to buy my own dogs anymore. In August 2020 I was ready again and Brix moved in with me. Brix is a Great Bernhard and belongs to the XXL dog breeds.

My great passion since childhood is dogs of all kinds. And therefore I decided to offer holiday care for dogs as well.
No matter if toy-poodle, mixed breed or pitbull - all dogs are welcome here. A pure individual care is not possible. Your dog must be socially compatible with male and female dogs.

I never look after more than a maximum of 2 guest dogs together. The dogs live in the house with me, just like Brix does. I have no kennels or rooms for the dogs.
It is a child and smoker free household in a big house.
A completely fenced garden (1.80 high) with 1000 square meters is available for free romping without leash. Otherwise I walk the dogs in principle only with leash.

The usual food is to be brought along, so that it comes to no stomach, intestine problems by an abrupt feed change. The sleeping place, bowls and any toys must also be packed in the dog's travel bag.

Please note:
There is always a mandatory viewing appointment beforehand.
Depending on the duration of care, taster lessons, taster days and possibly trial overnight stay/s follow. Please plan enough lead time (approx. 7-9 months), especially during holiday periods.

Procedure trial lessons / trial day
Usually after the viewing we already make an appointment for the trial day. The dog has already made his first positive experiences here in the boarding house and should and should come back on the trial day in a cheerful expectation. The 1st taster day lasts about 3 hours and is free of charge. I want the dogs to feel comfortable here; this is true not only for your only for your dog, but also for all other canine guests. A dog that has a strong fear of loss will not feel comfortable and will therefore irritate the other dogs. On this day, I don't expect your dog to lie down in the basket and fall fast asleep, but I can see a tendency in how the dog handles the situation.

After the 1st trial day, which lasts no longer than 3 hours, I will decide together with you how to proceed.
- Does the dog need more short trial lessons?
- Can we make an appointment for the next longer trial session?
- Or maybe we are not the right care for your dog after all?

It is important that you can be reached by phone during this time and that you can pick up your dog if necessary. For the trial day I will need the completed care contract, the proof of dog liability, the vaccination card and the proof of deworming.

Please understand that trial days cannot be arranged within the vacation season.

Up to 3 trial hours: free
Up to 6 trial hours: 15 euros / 25 euros / 18 euros / 31 euros (these prices refer to 1-2 dogs, depending on size, half daily price)
Trial day / trial overnight over 6 hours: normal daily prices see price list below

I cannot care for your dog if:
- this is not socially compatible with other males and females
- your bitch is not spayed
- your dog does not know a life in the house
- your male dog should mark in the apartment
- your dog cannot stay alone for 3-4 hours
- your dog can not walk stairs and is too heavy to carry (over 15 kg)

Small dogs up to 20 kg
1 dog 29,00 Euro per day
2 dogs 50,00 Euro per day
(of one family)    


Big dogs from 21 kg
1 dog 35,00 Euro per day
2 dogs 62,00 Euro per day
(of one family)    


Prices incl. 19% VAT. The calculated minimum stay is 1 day.

Conditions of admission for dogs

  • Liability insurance
  • Current vaccination
  • Being used to live indoors
  • Worming not more than 3 months ago or a parasitological examination of faeces*.

*The examination must not be more than 3 months ago. You can have it done by your veterinarian. For this you collect approx. 1 teaspoon of excrement over 3 days.
In case of an infestation, a treatment usually takes about 1-4 weeks. Therefore please plan enough time for this before your stay in the boarding house.
Dogs which have a "positive" (e.g. Giardia etc.) result at the beginning of the journey can unfortunately not be taken care of, for the protection of the other dogs.



Our opening hours

Monday through Friday
Pick up the animals: 08:00 to 09:00 am
Bring the animals: 09:00 to 10:00 am

Pick up the animals: 04:00 to 05:00 pm
Bring the animals: 05:00 to 06:00 pm

Pick up the animals: 09:00 to 10:00 am
Bring the animals: 10:00 to 11:00 am

Sundays and holidays