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"All you can eat," cheek pouches filling is their motto. No matter if small or big, all hamsters have special cheek pouches in which you can stuff everything you don't want or can't eat at the moment. Filled to the brim, they can be twice or three times as big as the head of the hamster.

But what is allowed inside? The food should contain a mixture of vegetarian (fruit and vegetables) and protein food (insects). They also like hay, herbs, straw, leaves and branches.

Hamsters are basically loners, this is especially true for middle hamsters. Both pets and their conspecifics in the deserts of Syria. Therefore, it is always advisable not to keep them in groups with middle hamsters, only for mating or during rearing do these rodents accept closer contact with their partner or babies. Also for most dwarf hamsters applies, they are usually loners. Although the wild relatives of the dwarfs live together in larger family groups from time to time, such a thing rarely works in pet keeping and not in the proportions that are possible in nature.
Hamsters run about 2-4 hours per night in a hamster wheel and reach a distance of about 4-8 km.

There are 3 different enclosure sizes to choose from for care.
Size S:    Length 163 cm Depth 50 cm
Size M:  Length 163 cm Depth 65 cm
Size L:    Length 163 cm Depth 80 cm


  Enclosure S Enclosure M Enclosure L
1 Hamster 7,00 Euro 10,00 Euro 13,00 Euro


The offer includes the following services: Bedding, sand bath, hay, straw, water bottles, feeding bowls, provision of the equipment of the holiday accommodation, final cleaning of the holiday accommodation.

Prices per day incl. 19% VAT. The calculated minimum stay is 3 days.



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