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Rats are extremely clever and sociable animals. Not only since the movie "Ratatouille" they are gaining more and more popularity as a popular pet.
Rats are known to be "omnivores", which does not mean that all food is suitable to feed the animals.
The basic food of rats should consist of vegetarian as well as protein-containing food.

ESome of the food I use in my boarding house to feed the rats:
Yoghurt, cotdays cheese, dried worms and crickets, dry cat and dog food, fresh and dried herbs, branches and twigs of fruit trees, various vegetables and fruits.

Rats are extremely sociable animals and should therefore never be kept alone. The animals are only cared for as part of the family and are not kept together with other animals of the same species.

There are 3 different enclosure sizes to choose from for care.
Size S:    Length 163 cm Depth 50 cm
Size M:  Length 163 cm Depth 65 cm
Size L:    Length 163 cm Depth 80 cm



3-16 days 17-31 days
1 Rat 6,00 Euro per day 5,00 Euro per day
2 Rats 10,00 Euro per day 9,00 Euro per day
3 Rats 13,50 Euro per day 12,50 Euro per day
4 Rats 15,50 Euro per day 14,50 Euro per day


XL Aviary 3-16 days 17-31 days
2 Rats 15,00 Euro per day 14,00 Euro per day
3 Rats 19,00 Euro per day 18,00 Euro per day
4 Rats 22,00 Euro per day 21,00 Euro per day
5 Rats 24,00 Euro per day 23,00 Euro per day


The offer includes the following services: Bedding, hay, straw, fodder, water bottles, feeding bowls, provision of the equipment of the holiday accommodation, final cleaning of the holiday accommodation.

Prices incl. 19% VAT



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