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Ferrets are small carnivores, which have a short gastrointestinal tract that the food passes through within a few hours (3-4 hours). In order to guarantee a sufficient supply of nutrients, the ferret therefore needs regular food (2-3 hours). The food should contain large amounts of animal protein (approx. 80%) and only a small amount of vegetable components.

Since ferrets are fed extremely variable food, I would ask you to bring your own usual food.
Ferrets are extremely sociable animals and should therefore never be kept alone. The animals are exclusively cared for as members of the family and are not kept together with other conspecifics.

For the care there are 2 possibilities.
XL enclosure 220 cm x 100 cm x 70 cm for 2 ferrets.
Or a separate room with approx. 15 square meters for up to 5 ferrets.


XL Enclosure           
1 ferret 15,00 Euro per day
2 ferrets 19,50 Euro per day


Ferret room
1 ferret 16,00 Euro per day
2 ferrets 25,00 Euro per day
3 ferrets 33,00 Euro per day
4 ferrets 39,00 Euro per day
5 ferrets 44,00 Euro per day


The offer includes the following services: Bedding, hay, straw, fodder, water bottles, feeding bowls, provision of the equipment of the holiday accommodation, final cleaning of the holiday accommodation.

Prices incl. 19% VAT. The calculated minimum stay is 3 days.



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