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Chinchillas live in the Andes, Peru, Chile and Bolivia in a very dry area with little vegetation. Their food should therefore consist of grasses, herbs, hay, twigs, various types of leaves and cacti. Pellets are an emergency solution, as they usually contain molasses, sugar and grain, which the chinchilla's gastrointestinal tract cannot tolerate.

Therefore I do not use feed pellets in my pension for chinchillas. But if you wish, you are welcome to bring the usual pellets from home, which I then feed.
I rarely feed permitted treats such as dried apples, carrots, beetroot, parsnips, rosehip, fennel or carob.

Chinchillas are extremely sociable animals and must therefore never be kept alone. The animals are exclusively cared for as members of the family and are not kept together with other members of the same species.

A large aviary measuring 210 cm x 105 cm x 200 cm is available for this purpose.


Chinchilla Aviary 3-16 days 17-31 days
1 Chinchilla 10,00 Euro per day 9,00 Euro per day
2 Chinchillas 14,50 Euro per day 13,50 Euro per day
3 Chinchillas 18,00 Euro per day 17,00 Euro per day
4 Chinchillas 21,00 Euro per day 20,00 Euro per day


The offer includes the following services: Bedding, sand bath, hay, straw, fodder, water bottles, feeding bowls, provision of the holiday accommodation equipment, final cleaning of the holiday accommodation.

Prices incl. 19% VAT



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